AFLobby lobby development Spring

AFLobby Beta 4

A long overdue release with a lot of fixes, and new additions, including support for lua and map options.

AFLobby beta 4 Installer

AFLobby beta 4 zip

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Hi got a bug setting up the path fpr and restart is fine but when i am setting up the path for my spring exe /usr/games/spring and then reload the lobby it ll hang on start. Same problem with earlier lobby versions.

Linux (Kubuntu 7.10), selcompiled Spring:
When i host a game are there options to: autobalance, ring players, change ally of a player, autofixcolurs, saving boxes for each map, autolock? If that features were implemented i prefer to use ur AFLobby but since that i ll stick with the springlobby (Springlobby crashes sometimes ur AFlobby doesn t :P). greets Emkay

I’ve changed the loading progress screen in the next version to make it clearer, when loading unitsync and the happy tree friends it would look like it had frozen, whereas the cartoon is gone now and there’s a small indeterminate bar to show its working.

There is a ring command but its a text command, however I will change this soon, I have coursework to finish for university, but I have had time to think about some improvements, and those sorts of options are something I’d like to do, as well as a simple GUI for auto hosts so you don’t have to type out the commands.

And thanks for the suggestions! It confuses me why people dont use my lobby yet when asked they don’t give an answer, or when people praise you for making such a great lobby then immediately start using another lobby.

I’m running Spring and AFLobby on a WinXP PC.

I have the Problem, that AFLobby can’t host a game, because it don’t see the mods. I can’t refresh dä modlist.

Is that a knowed bug or do you now, what i have to do?`

Thanks and Regards


AFLobby became Battlehub, and Battlehub was mothballed due to lack of time

Since I last worked on the project, the API for unitsync.dll has changed, and since unitsync.dll is what grabs all the mods and maps, it means the lobby cannot be used.

On top of that theres a tonne of changes that were made at the server end and in starting spring etc etc

If your trying to get AFLobby or Battlehub to work then you wont get it to work unless you use a lobby server from early 2008 and an equivalent spring version, say spring 0.74.

For now, use springlobby or tasclient

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