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Leaky Bucket Syndrome

Spring wants more players! It wants to expand! Conquer the RTS genre! Hooray! Wahooo! .. erm …. Where are all the users?

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AFLobby Beta 3.9.7

This is a bug fix stability patch, however its highly reccomended.

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Bug Tracker

After a few failed attempts at installing Trac, I have installed mantis on my webspace, and twiddled it a bit here and there!

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The Spring Delusion Part 1

Recently I bought a lot of books written by Richard Dawkins. I have already read The God Delusion, and seen the 2 documentaries that make up The Root of All Evil, shown on Channel 4 a few years ago.

AFLobby lobby development

AFLobby beta 3.9.6

Here is a new AFLobby release! My treks into linux land with ubuntu 7.04, have yielded great improvements in AFLobbies overall stability and usability. Lots of new things have been added fixed and tweaked since beta 3.5, and this is by far one of the best AFLobby releases by far.


Facebook Hurrah!

An old friends from secondary school has been pestering people with the word ‘facebook‘ and one by one I’ve watched all my old friends succumb to it. I’ve always wondered why I would ever bother with social networking sites like myspace or bebo, especially when the revelation that of all in my family only my […]

AFLobby AI NTai

How do I get NTai or AFLobby?

I keep getting asked “where do I download the latest xyz?”


Clunky Antistall algorithms in Spring AI

Antistall is problematic. In order to prevent an AIs economy hitting rock bottom through overspending, or wasting resources by not spending enough and maxing out storage, antistallguides an AIs behaviour by saying what it can and can’t afford.

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Orakios Client

A guy who plays in the spring lobby wrote a Java client a while ago since tasclient doesn’t run under Linux/mac natively. He didn’t tell many people and before he could implement the battle protocol, the project was cut, and he went off to university. The client may not be the best thing since sliced […]


AFLobby Progress Report

With the recent suicide of my Vista install and the great exodus to ubuntu, I’ve finally gotten some AFLobby work done. The shift from MS Vista aero to Ubuntu gnome has thrown up a mass of minor UI layout errors I’ve never noticed before, so I’ve been fixing.